Final Post?- Your memories, videos, goodbye

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Hey space heroes! Unfortunately the wonderful world of SHU has come to an end... SO I am here for (probably) my final post. To start off I would like to quote some of your memories.

eagle corey26- "Well its been so long and I had all this memorable times here in SHU. I still remembered how everyone blasted for adventure as updates and fixes the mods do to keep the game good and virtually fun.Well I myself got shocked and amazed when LSH or now called as SHU was first released.Now that a meteorite will hit the whole planet of our very homeworld I deeply from my alien heart a very very THANK YOU to all. Lets blast of for an adventure :')"

Justice Girl- "I'm so glad to have blasted off for this adventure with you all!"
"Space Heroes has made us the heroes we are. It is a game that we will remember forever...
Never stop exploring, heroes!"

Gold Alex- "Well i had a great time hanging out with my friends and mostly trunks he was awesome! as well as the authors as well! i loved the game and hopefully i can make it to the last time party. this is Gold Alex signing out!"

Samantha Blues-"My besties shall NEVA BE FORGOTTEN BEST MEMORIES EVA!!!"

Lol-"The blogging community and the fans was what I loved about this game. The interaction between the staff with the bloggers, and then the bloggers to the users was amazing to say the least."

Lillia-  "I know it changed my life for the better; it was because of this game I learned how to code, how to make graphics, how to blog, AND I made life-long friends that I still chat to to this day! I will seriously miss this game so much and I wish it could've gone further but the moderators worked hard up to the last second of designing, coding, and creating this AMAZING game! :("

Here is a video of SHU in 2012 made by Chocolate

Here is the video of space heroes in 2013 that I made.

And here is a video from Marionne to say farewell to the wonderful virtual world of SHU

Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful memories of SHU!
For the last time (unless I post about Bubblegum Interactive mobile apps) This has been 


SHU Memories

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Hey space heroes, Superkid here for one of the last posts to be posted before SHU closes.
I have decided to talk about memories of this amazing virtual world.
When I first started playing SHU on the 3rd of March 2012, it was just like any other virtual world to me but back then I didn't know how much of an impact it would have on me. My blogging carrier began when one day on SHU when I first met the famous blogger- Batman (from SHU Extra). I was so exited to finally meet one of the famous bloggers. Batman then told me to meet him on the old SHU Extra chat and on that chat we planned our own blog-Space Heroes Galaxy which like Extra closed down. Not too long after that I started climbing the blogger ladder and becoming more and more popular and blogging on more blogs like Extra, Fansite and Little Space Cheats. Unfortunately it seems like that exiting journey is has come to an end.
The best part of the Journey was meeting all of you Space Heroes, regular Players and bloggers alike and the secret chats we bloggers used to have on Skype.
I would like to name a few of the amazing people out there who helped me along the way: Adrian, Batman, Chocolate, Cozza, Guy, Lillia, Lol, Justice Girl, Super Ann and many many more.
Now that I am done rambling about my memories... 

Tell me in the comments bellow what your favorite SHU memories are and they will be featured in a future post!

Until next time



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Hey space heroes, some of you may have seen me acting strangely on SHU that is because my account has been hacked. "I" have been mean to people and my name has been changed. So don't believe anything I say on SHU until it has been resolved. I have also been told that this person has access to Ann, Lillia and Adrian's accounts. If this problem isn't resolved soon I may be forced to stop blogging....
Please report any suspicious activity of any famous bloggers on SHU in the comment bellow.

Bubble Bunny Party

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Hey space heroes, the bubble bunny party has returned! You can once again find the Bubble bunny in the plaza and coast.
Unfortunately my account is still hacked so I probably wont post more photos.
Have you spotted the bunny yet? Comment Bellow.


About me in SHU!

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Hi! Its me in SHU:

                                              Some of my friends in SHU:

Facts about me:
I am the popular hero who dont have a membership.
I love to help new heroes.
I am 10.
I play SHU only on weekends.
I love to PARTY!

Its all on today.Bye!


The results of my party

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Hey space heroes, even though my party was quite a wile ago i have decided to post some pictures from it.
The party was a HUGE success! It lasted for 45 minutes!
We started the party of at Justice Girls pad.
Then we played a short game of battle ball.
Then we went to Destiny Zorro's, Fantastic Ace's and Leo's pads.

After that we went for a short time to the bubble blaster Park.
Then we went to my pad. They got me over 999 likes! The party was supposed to end then but they wanted me to continue.
Then we had a quick bite at Astro's Pizza.
And at the end we fought the ferocious giant under water crustation.
Thanks to everyone who came! I had a great time. Here is a picture of most people who came.
Should I do another party like this? Tell me in the comments bellow.


Home Page footer Updated

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Hey space heroes, the footer on the home page has been updated for the release of Trading cards.
Are you going to get Trading cards? Comment bellow!


My party -March 1

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Update: The party is now over thanks to all who came. I will post the pictures soon.
Hey space heroes, the day I started SHU is coming up so I have decided to throw a party on the 1st of March. I started SHU on the 3rd of March 2012 but I did not play SHU much till half way through the year. I did not start with the name Superkid. I decided the change my name after I saw that Batman did. The party will be at 4:30am GMT. I will around to different rooms and pads. You will be able to track me on my twitter account.
See you there! Comment bellow and tell me if you are coming.