Bunny Appears!

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Hey guys there
is a Bunny that
comes out every
20 minutes. it 
can be anywhere
only these places
...... plaza, coast
(I think) bubble 
blaster park. if
you miss him
dont worry he
will always be
BACK! in
every 20 minutes.
Here is a pic of him
P. S if you laugh he will blink
at you.


My pic in little space heroes!

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Heya guys

This Is Me  In

New Author

Heya Heroes My Name is kai   im 9 years old my birthday is on april 1 im a purple jacket find info on my blog that is http://spaceheroesuniversecheatsnew.weebly.com  here is a pic of my hero
some info about me:
I like waffles!!
Im a bit popular!
I love helping people!
virtual worlds I play SHU and CP
 im gonna be very active!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
tell next time heroes!


Join my blog

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   Hi heroes! I wanted to tell you that i need some authors for my website www.spaceheroesmasters.blogspot.com, who ever wants to be an author can send his/her email to mohtashimbhatti@hotmail.com, now guys im not cheating just for your email. Im just inviting authors. So if you dont want to be one then dont.

                                                             ~Jubilee Kid~


Micah Is here!


Heya Heroes!

Right Now im a author in the blog!

So I Kindly ask superkid to join his blog so he answer It! 
Well............. If you dont know me I'm Micah Tan! or Annie Tan!

See You through the screen ~Micah~

Hints on Finding the Bubble Bunny

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Hey Space Heroes here are some hints on finding the Bubble Bunny from @PlaySpaceHeroes
Is this info helpful. Have you found the bunny yet? Comment bellow!   

Star Jet Is Back!

Hey Guyz STar Jet Here!!!! I quitted this blog but now I'm back!

~Star Jet~


Ice Cream pallor and Old bubble Blaster Park coming back?

Yo, hi Space heroes today just as I was about to log in to Space Heroes I noticed something very interesting at the right of the picture of the homeworld.
1.As you can clearly see in the image above that the ice cream is there does that mean it will return before another Galactic Fun Fair Party or this image was made for the party?
2.And in the background you can see two bouncy castles from the Old Bubble Blaster Park which were removed so you could have a bubble battle. Does this mean the bouncy castles will return because I have no other explanation for their appearance?

Relative Page(s)

Galactic Fun Fair
What do you think about each one space heroes? Comment bellow!

My own blog

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                Hello heroes! I have made my own blog. Its not fully organized and made but its cool!
                                                                     The web address is:

                                                                       ~Jubilee Kid~

Bubble Bunny Party Cheats

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Hey space Heroes when you log on you get the party badge
 You will be asked to find 20 eggs around the galaxy (best place is plaza and coast) 
When you are done you will get a prize (money and gems)

You are also should be able to blast the bubble bunny but I could not find him.
here is a picture of the plaza
There are also some balloons which you can get by playing a game or asking a mod.

Kritter Day Care Furniture

There is also an update to the inside furniture catalog for your pad with kritter Day care furniture.

If I left out anything authors feel free to post it your self.

Jetpack Jinx Version 1.1.2 Now on the App Store

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Hey Space Heroes look at this tweet by @JetpackJinx


  1. Ultra Rex is renamed to Sidekick X2
  2. Mad Rex is renamed to Speedy Sidekick.
    Old Version.
    New Version

    To use the new sidekicks in the game you have to buy them for 3000 each
    They are found is the clothing section in the store.

    To double your gems you must buy the Gem generator for $0.99
    It is found under the money section.


New author:Jubilee Kid

                                 Hello Heroes, there is a new author in town called JUBILEE KID!
                                                                 Here is my picture
Heres a little bit about my self

~ I like Corn flakes
~Im eleven years old
~My birthday is on feb 9 2002
~im in year 6
~I also like waffles
~i hate vegetables
This is all i can tell you :)

                                                                 ~Jubilee Kid~


Mini Party Pics

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We started in Astro's Pizza for a slice. But unfortunately I went off for a while because the rooms were not loading.                                                                                                                                      
Then we went to the Hair Salon for a wash a a cut.
And finally we ended up with a relax at Luke's Pad.

Lets hope for more people at the next party. Comment if you were there.

Mini Party

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Hey space heroes we are having a quick party (me; batman; luke)
Here is the Party Tracker
Planet:Home world
Room: Astros Pizza; Hair salon; Outside Luke's Pad
Update: over it really was a small party lets hope the next one will be better.
Pics in next post

Bubble Bunny Party Coming Soon!

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Bubble Bunny Party is coming this week, and I can't wait for it! The Space Heroes team tweeted that it coming this week. Check it out.

What's do you heroes think? Comment below!


I'm Back and I Have My Own New Blog

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Hey guys!

Batman here. I'm coming back to Space Heroes Galaxy, I will edit the pages, make new pages and more stuff. I also will post here. 

That's for now, I have nothing else to say XD!
Check out my blog down here.

It's now done yet. I still need to edit the pages and other stuff


Star Jet Is Leaving This Blog!

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Hey Guys Star Jet Here! Im gonna tell u that im leaving SPG! I've Gotta POST On my turtle world fansite and my own shu fansite!

(packs Bags and leaves SPG)

~Star Jet


New catalog and pad coming soon

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Hey space heroes sorry I haven't been posting for a while but I'm back (for now).
Look what SpaceHeroes Tweeted

I think I have an idea what the new pad will look like:
 I think it will be the first pad (left to right)
I also have a inside picture
Cool hey cant wait for the new pad

Star Jet No Post

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Hey Guys Star Jet Here! I'm Gonna Tell U That I'm Not Gonna post for long!


Blasting Purple Bubble Gum Without Bubble Gum Super suit

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Hey Space Heroes I made a YouTube Video about this glitch
 (Coming Soon)
Note:The Video does not tell you how to do it. That video is Coming soon
If you cant see what I did here is a picture I took at a different time

  • Note to self: Dont take another video in a busy room because no one will allow you to do what you want.


New blog and header

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Hey Space Heroes I have decided to make a new SPU blog. it will be made with word press.
I don't know when it will be online.
In other new I made a header for the blog.

No I did not make it my self I used Adrian's Space Heroes Cutouts 
I'm waiting to see if I can use it


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Hey Space Heroes here the poll that I had on LSPE

If you cant see it click here.
What do you think


New Hompad music

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Hey Space Heroes. Today when I was decorating my homepad i found new music
(Pic coming soon)
Each one costs 50 coins
(Pic coming soon)
Credits to Chocolate Cheats for telling us!
This probably was part of the 25 February updates but no one bothered to check for new music.
Tell me what you think (and if there are still updates we left out) :-)


New Promo Code

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New code
Hey Space Heroes yesterday when I was looking at my emails I found this
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  4. You will receive 2 500 coins
What do you think?