Dance Lounge (Arcade) Bug

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Hey penguins today when I was in the Dance lounge I found I bug. (only since Cp forgot to update the room)
Here is the bug 
You may think that there is nothing wrong there but this picture below proves my bug.
If you still cant see the bug it is that when the Dance Club was Updated last year they removed the colours blue and white from the dance floor but they never updated the dance lounge to work with it. I think that they never bothered updating the dance lounge because it was one of the most recently updated rooms in Club Penguin. (2011)

Comment if you find any more bugs!

New Gloves and Robots Day 5

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Hey penguins as usual there is a new robot and a new pair of gloves.

The New Glove

The new glove is called the Ooze
This is what the power looks like in the air.
And this is what is looks like when it crashes on the ground.
As usual it can destroy objects and stun robots (the construct and Electro Blast glove are the only ones that don't do both)

Robot #6

The new robot is small but it is bigger than robot #5
It comes in yellow, red and two shades light blue.

For its W move it laughs.
For it's D move it spins in a circle.


New EPF Gadget coming soon

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Hey penguins today Polo Field made a new post on the Official blog about some new EPF gear.

Standard post 
By Polo Field on April 30, 2013 - 04:44


I can't say exactly what this is, but very soon agents will have the chance to hone their spy skills... and face new challenges!

Tell us what you think this could be in in the comments below.

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team
 Cool! Cant wait!
What do you think?
Over and out-Agent G 10

Another Sneak Peek Of Episode 2!

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As we all know, Episode 2 is coming soon! The episode name is(For all of you who don't know)"Rumble In The Jungle". Here a sneak peek post from @PlaySpaceHeroes on Twitter.

I'm so excited for the episode. Aren't you? 
What's do you heroes think? Comment below!


New gloves and Robots Day 4 Plus Brainwave Glove Power

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Hey penguins today a new pair of glove and a new robot were released. (with the Brainwave powers gloves bug fixed)
So as you know the Brainwave Glove is now available to obtain! Here is the power
The power can destroy objects and stun robots.

The New Glove

The new glove is called the Fireball
It shoots a fire ball which can destroy objects and stuns robots.

The Robot #5

Unlike other robots it is very small and weak.
It comes in Yellow, Light Blue (aqua?), Purple, Blue.

For its W move it sticks its arm in the air. (it will not stop unless it is hit or you do a move unlike other robots' W moves)

For it's D move it jumps in the air and blasts a ring around it. (like most robots)



New Gloves and Robot Day 3

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Hey penguins the cp team has now released the new pair gloves and robots

The Gloves

The new pair of gloves are called the Brainwave
Unfortunately You cant get them yet but I will update the post when you can.

The Robot

The new robot is available unlike the new pair of gloves 
It comes in Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red and Light Green
For its D move it jumps into the air and blasts a ring around itself.
For its W move it shows off its "muscles".


Space Heroes Party tomorrow?

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Hey Space Heroes today @PlaySpaceHeroes Tweeted this:
Is the party The secret agent party or some thing else? Well we only have to wait to tomorrow for the first in ages update on Space Heroes!!!


More Gloves and Robots Day 2

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Hey penguins there is a new pair of gloves a and a new kind if robot.

The Gloves

The new gloves are called the Magma
They trigger a wave of rock and lava when you target by throwing a snowball

The Robot

There is no official name for the new robot.
It comes in Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue

For its W move it shows off its "muscles"

And for its D move it shows of it "Muscles" and then blasts a circle of a ray blast and destroys the objects around it

Which is your favorite robot and pair of gloves?


A Few Weird Glitches

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Hey penguins recently I found a few odd glitches on club penguin
1. PH player card bug                                                                                                             When I tried to open PH's player card this happens 
And PH is brown not Aqua

2.Invisible Penguin Bug
When I was busy destroying the Town this happened. I could not do any thing besides teleporting.

3. Outside an Igloo Bug
I was busy feeding my puffles and then I realized I was not in my igloo instead I was outside it.
I could still walk around but only outside. Look

4.White hoodie Bug
To get the white hoodie you are supposed to collect 100 000 crystals or by hitting the giant rock in space but when you unlock it the message says you only collected 100 coins.

Have you found any more bugs? Comment Bellow!!

More Robots and Gloves day 1

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Hey penguins a new pair of gloves and a new robot is available.
The new Glove is called the Force Wave
The gloves can short out/destroy robots (When you throw a snowball at them)
This is what it will do to the penguin who has the robot after some time
And now the new robot
To get one you need to play Robot Factory 
This is what is does.
It will do the same thing as the other robot for throwing a snow ball.
For its D move it bangs its chest like a gorilla and destroy the objects around it
And for its w move it jumps into the air and blasts a ring around itself
Cant wait for tomorrow!!


Marvel Super Hero Takeover rooms

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Hey penguins here is a list of the rooms and how to get to them 
 Snow Forts (Central Station) Note you cant go into the buildings.
Stage (Police Station) Almost Exactly the same as last years takeover.

Pizza parlor (Bank) note it is very similar to last years design 

Forest (Central Park)


Lighthouse (hospital) Exactly the same as operation: Blackout
More Coming soon