New Club Penguin Furniture Catalog

Hey penguins there is now a new Furniture Catalog on CP making the 4th one this year. Here is the cover:
There are lots of new items as while as some old items that have returned from previous years. 
Here is page 1 with all new items like Clinic Entrance for 800, operating rooom Lights for 300
X-Ray Machine for 200 and a hospital chair for 150
Page 2 contains mostly new items like the General Store Front for 800 and the Deluxe Tool Chest for 200 and the returning Lamp Post for 175
Page three is all old items.
Page four has some very old items like the Security Camera for 150 and Wooden Crate for 50 and the Seismograph for 200.
Page five contains Earth day items which I think are all new like the Acacia Tree for 350, the Jungle Bloom for 175, the Large House Plant for 200, the Jungle Flora for 150 and the Jungle Fern for 150.
Page six also have Earth Day items they are (probably) all old items like the Koi Pond for 450, the Snake Grass for 140 And the very old Hippopotamus for 400, the Giraffe and the Zebra for 400
(Secrets Coming soon)

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