New gloves and Robots Day 4 Plus Brainwave Glove Power

Hey penguins today a new pair of glove and a new robot were released. (with the Brainwave powers gloves bug fixed)
So as you know the Brainwave Glove is now available to obtain! Here is the power
The power can destroy objects and stun robots.

The New Glove

The new glove is called the Fireball
It shoots a fire ball which can destroy objects and stuns robots.

The Robot #5

Unlike other robots it is very small and weak.
It comes in Yellow, Light Blue (aqua?), Purple, Blue.

For its W move it sticks its arm in the air. (it will not stop unless it is hit or you do a move unlike other robots' W moves)

For it's D move it jumps in the air and blasts a ring around it. (like most robots)


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