Space Heroes Universe 2013 Video

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Hey space heroes today is the 31st of December the last day of 2013 so I decided to release a video to commemorate 2013 in SHU. Here it is

What was your favorite party in SHU this year.
Comment bellow. Happy new year.


Kritters renamed

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Hey space heroes, you may have realised that some of your kritters have the name Player 1. This is because you can no longer name your kritters whatever you want. You can only name them from a list of names. This is similar to the Hero Name Picker. Except you only choose one name instead of two.
Until next time remember to feed your kritter.


Christmas Party 2013

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Hey space heroes, the Christmas Party on SHU has begun. Here is the home page.
The Plaza is covered in snow.
You can also throw snowballs instead of bubbles while wearing a space suit. Click on the bubble blaster icon and then click on the snow ball. When you blast some one they will look like a snowman for a second.
There is also 2 pages of Christmas furniture for your homepad.
You can give your friend some Christmas gifts from the gifts catalog.
Until Next time merry Christmas.

Hero Name Picker Workaround

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Hey space heroes, today when I logged on to SHU so see the Christmas Party I got a pop up telling me to change my name. Don't worry there is way around (it may not always work because they might fix it).
DON'T CHOOSE ANOTHER NAME OR CLICK OK. Simply reload the page and log in again and the Hero Name Picker shouldn't appear. You will still have your old name!
Until next time.
-(still) Superkid


Jungle Party On Now!

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Hey space heroes, without any sneak peeks or mention for the official twitter account the jungle party is back.


Minecraft giftcode giveaway! [Free Premium Account] (OPEN!)

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Halloween Party 2013 Cheats

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Hey space heroes, Supekid here. The Halloween Party has begun. Here is the badge.
Here is the home screen.

The party is pretty much the same as last years. The same 2 pages of Halloween party items are back.
Here is the gift catalog.
There is also a new edition of the Galactic Times.

Is this your first Halloween Party?


Halloween Cheats 2013

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Hey penguins, if you want to see the cheats for the Halloween party and other Club Penguin cheats go to to Club Penguin Galaxy. I will no longer post CP cheats here. I will only post Space Heroes Universe cheats here.
Until next time, waddle on.


CPG My Penguin Party.

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I have exiting news! CPG will open soon and I will post all of the CP cheats there. To celebrate this I will be hosting 2 parties 1 on my penguin (details below) and one online. I will see if I can get Arronsonic, Trainman1405, Saraapril and Monchocho to come.

Watch my twitter account SuperkidSPG for more details.Tell me how you found CPG in the comments  See you soon and Waddle On.


New Igloo Catalog

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Hey penguin s new igloo catalog is out, with one new igloo.

What do you think?


Medieval party Cheats-Ultimate Mega Dragon

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Hey wizards the final transformation has been unlocked!
Here is the Recipe.
When you click create potion Gary will give you a gold o'berry.
When you click on OK you will start the potion mini game make sure you use the golden berries instead of the purple ones. 
This is what the dragon looks like in game.
You can combined the Ultimate Mega Dragon potion with the Ogre Sized potion, the potion of invisibility, the potion of hovering and the potion of fleet.
Since we have now made all of the potions, we can get the free items in the potion book.


Medieval party Cheats-Fleet

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Hey wizard penguins, there is a new potion ready for us to make. You don't need to collect the items again.
Same as before you need to play a mini game to get 5 potions and if you do then in the wrong order you will be turned into a puffle chicken.

You don't look any different except you waddle faster (but not much faster then you normally would).
You can combined any of the potions with the potion of fleet making that form walk faster


New CP times

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Hey penguins, a new Issue of the Club Penguin times is out.
Here is the news flash. It talks about magical O'berry seeds.
Here is the first article. It talks about potions.
Here is the second article.
Here is this week's secret. It talks about potion combinations.
Here are the Upcoming Events. 
What are you most exited for? I am exited for the new Puffle foods.

Galactic Times Issue #22

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Hey space heroes, a new issue of the Galactic Times is out.


Fashion Party

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Hey space heroes, the fashion party has begun. Here is the badge.
The Plaza and the Coast are the only rooms that are decorated.
Both of them have pools for you to relax in. 
For this parties quest you need to find 8 cameras. You will get a reward of gems and coins when you find all of them.
The hair salon catalog and the Hero Mart catalog have been updated.

Enjoy the party!