Deep Dive Party

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Hey Space Heroes Superkid here is the cheats for the new party.
Here is the pin.
When you first log on you will be asked to find 10 Sea items

I am collecting shells in the picture
The dive Catalog has returned (it used to be in the diving school)
There are also new costumes
Here are the limited edition items
  • They both have the powers of the wind super suit
Then there are new balloons which you can get by playing a game or asking a mod
  • This is the first party to start during another one. 

New Underwater Pad

Hey space heroes along with the other BIG updates there was also a kind of small one there is a new underwater pad and background.
I want one. Comment on what you think of it.


Space Heroes Extra

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Hey Space Heroes I'm now a author at Space Heroes Extra. Adrain accepted my request. :-)

Almost there

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Hey Space Heroes Superkid here to to say we have almost hit 500 views we have a special surprise waiting for you. ?????????? It will be reveled when we hit 500 views though there will be a task you will have to do to get it! :-)


Ultra Rare Rabbit Kritter

This Is The Ultra Rare Kritter

 I Caught It Today 2/23/2013 A Ultra Rare Rabbit Kritter 
Its From Jess ... 

                  Buy SHU Membership at EB Games!

                                                                                                   -Author Luke

Just For Purple Jacket Fun


Hey Heroes Luke Here ~

I Have Some Awsome Picture Purple Jacket Just For Fun

Luke ( ME ) Justice Girl , Kai And Batman

                                                               -Author Luke


Sup Guys Luke Here

Hi Space Heroes Galaxy Lover ,

Im Luke In Little Space Heroes Im New as Author Here 
I Have Purple Jacket And Its So Cool  
Im 12 Years Old 
I Will Be Getting Active here :) 

                                                                Author Luke                                                                               


sup guys I'm star jet

Hello heroes star jet here
I'm 6 years old
I'm a member in the game
I started posting this year so I have 2 space heroes blogs
So that's all for now!!!!

New Catalog Page

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Hey space heroes there is a new catalog page for the new kritters


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Hey space heroes thanks so much for allowing us to get to 100 views plus as an extra we will tell you that we (probably because he has not responded at time of post) have a new author named Star Jet!
-The Team


Updates 20 February

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Hey Space heroes there are some Big updates on Space Heroes Universe.
To see them follow these steps

The Abyss
Part 1
  1. Go to the coast
  2. Go to the Diving Spot
  3. Blast a bubble at the gate lock and go in, you will be in Abyss.
  4. When your there you will see the Octo and Pengu Kritters. Blast any shaking objects and if there a! on the kritter click it to own it.

Part 2
Giant Crab battle
  1. Click the bottom of the screen and you will see more of the Abyss continue going down until you see a giant crab.
  2. Battle the crab by blasting him until he is destroyed.(he will attack back by hitting the ground)
  3. Collect the money and gems.
  • If you stay there the Crab will reaper to destroy him repeat the first step.  

Gamer Homepad Winner!

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Hey heroes. Today the Gamer Homepad winner is released! The winner goes to....Justice Girl

Justice Girl and Justice both won the homepad competitions!
Congratulations to Justice Girl.
What's do you heroes think? Comment below!

Adrian Coming back!

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I've got good news for Adrian fans. Adrian is coming back to Space Heroes Universe. He what's he said:
Hello people!! Adrian here, I'm soon coming back to Space Heroes and i'll be very active!

Also Little Space Heroes Extra will have massive updates, tomorrow I'll start working on the site and in like 3 days this site will be epic..

I'm also going to be needing more awesome authors so ill post after I update the site :)

Can't wait for him to come back!
What's do you heroes think? Comment below!

Space Heroes YouTube Reach 100 Subscribers

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Space Heroes Universe Officially YouTube have reach 100 subscribers! Wow, that is really amazing,since November 2012. They got 100 subscribers only in 2 months.
Check it out.
Wow, next year let's make Space Heroes reach 1,000 subscribers. Subscrible to them right now, by clicking  here.
What's do you heroes think? Comment below!


Hacker Alert!

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Space Heroes Lillia a few days ago have got hacked by a Space Heroes named ICY. ICY got into Lillia blogger accounts and start to write bad stuff on it. ICY did delete Lillia blog and Lillia manage to recover it back. Also her Twitter have been removed by ICY. But the good things is that Lillia Space Heroes accounts was not hacked.
Here are some tips to prevent people from hacking you.
1. Don't tell anybody your Heroes usernames except your parents.
2. Block or avoid the hacker.
ICY Playercard

That's is some tips.
What's do you heroes think? Comment below!

Starjets Bug

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I have found another bug in Space Heroes Universe that I would like to share with you guys. Today I was flying around in my Starjets and I saw a girl starjets without the heart button at the back.
Check it out:
Look at Sara starjets, it doesn't have a heart button.
What's do you Space Heroes think? Have this happen to you?
Comment below!

Up and Running Soon!

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Hey Space Heroes! This blog will be up and running soon, so keep checking the blog. We're not sure when the blog will be fully finish. Maybe this week or next weekend. If the pages or other stuff is not working for you then we are currently testing the pages.

-The Team


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Hello heroes, I''m Batman. I's been blogging since 2011! This is my 2nd years.
I'm gonna introduce me to you heroes.
Play basketball
Play Space Heroes Universe
Live in USA

That's all for now!

Hello from Superkid

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Hi space heroes my name is Georgepeng 10  though I’m only called that on Club penguin.  
 On Space Heroes Universe I’m called Superkid. Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m 12 like batman
  • I live in Africa
  • I own CPGalaxy (though I don’t often post on it)
  • I also post on most of Fan blogs

I guess that’s it for now see you later!



Hi Space Heroes its me Superkid. Heres a quick post on the staff
Here they are:
Those all the authors for now. If you want to be an author, Comment below!
-The Team