Updates 20 February

Hey Space heroes there are some Big updates on Space Heroes Universe.
To see them follow these steps

The Abyss
Part 1
  1. Go to the coast
  2. Go to the Diving Spot
  3. Blast a bubble at the gate lock and go in, you will be in Abyss.
  4. When your there you will see the Octo and Pengu Kritters. Blast any shaking objects and if there a! on the kritter click it to own it.

Part 2
Giant Crab battle
  1. Click the bottom of the screen and you will see more of the Abyss continue going down until you see a giant crab.
  2. Battle the crab by blasting him until he is destroyed.(he will attack back by hitting the ground)
  3. Collect the money and gems.
  • If you stay there the Crab will reaper to destroy him repeat the first step.  

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