My Penguin 1.2 is out

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Hey penguins My Penguin 1.2 is now on the iPad App Store.
What do you think of this update? Most penguins say its like My Penguin 2.0 .


New Items

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Hey penguins there are 2 new items available for members and nonmembers.

The first item is at the Forts.
The 2nd Item is at the Epic Wave.


Summer Jam Cheats

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Hey penguins the summer Jam has begun!
When you log on you will get a message from Brady and McKenzie
If you click LET'S SURF! you will see this.
If you click go there (I took the image after getting the item) you will be at the dock.
The catalog is available in most rooms.

I will post more soon.


3D penguins on My Penguin

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Hey, Spike Hike Posted a new sneak peak of My Penguin 1.2 on the blog.
Here it is.
Hey Penguins!
Last Friday we debuted our sixth episode of #WaddleOn and many penguins told us that they noticed something…. different.
You guessed it – full 3D avatars are coming to My Penguin 1.2 for iPad!!
We've completely rebuilt the avatar from scratch to take full advantage of 3D. All your items from Club Penguin are available with this new 3D avatar. When you change your avatar on clubpenguin.com, your outfit will show in My Penguin, too! And if you change your outfit in My Penguin, you will be able to see it on the web. They are completely synched up so it's easy to go back and forth. We've also re-done all our animations in 3D!
Below is a video that gives you peek at how cool these animations look in 3D. The team worked on these for over a year and did an amazing job! You are going to have a ton of fun playing with all your special dance items and seeing the cool, new animations. Check it out:
In other news... this new avatar also gives us a LOT of opportunity down the road! I don't want to spoil it now, but let's just say that this will let us take animations, special dance items, and interaction with the world to an entirely new level!!
I hope you are as excited as I am about My Penguin 1.2! Pay attention to the blog for even more sneak peeks about what's next!
Until next time…Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
I cant wait! Trainman says that it should be released the end of this month.

SHU Cartoon Episode 2 Rumble-in the jungle!

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Hey space heroes, the second episode of the cartoon show is finally out!

 Do you think hover boards will be available on SHU?


SHU Parent Update

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Hey space heroes, your parents have been emailed a new parent update telling them about the Secret Agent Party.
-Agent S

Furniture Catalog Cheats

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Hey penguins, a new furniture catalog is out. This months theme is summer.


New Igloo music

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Hey penguins, there is new music for you igloo.
2 other tracks have returned.

Ninjas dream of the Summer Jam

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Hey penguins, here is the sneak peek of the Summer Jam.

I cant wait to ride motorbikes!

Waddle On Episode 6

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Hey penguins the sixth episode of Waddle On is out with a huge sneak peek.

This episode shows a sneak peek of 3D penguins of the My Penguin app. (the connection with other penguins feature on My Penguin Spike Hike spoke about when My Penguin was first released)
What do you think of the 3D penguins?


Walking your puffle button

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Hey penguins, the puffle leash icon has been removed from the play menu. Instead it is under the puffle certificate.
 What do you think? Is it now more convenient?


Everyday Phoning Faculty Construction complete

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Hey penguins, the construction in the EPF is done.
To get to the command room click on the shape in the waterfall. It will stop flowing and reveal the lift to the command room. 
What do you think of the update?


Pin tracker

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Hey penguins a new pin is at the beacon. It is called the calculator pin.


New secret agent starjets and gear

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Hey secret agents, there is a new catalog at the Hero mart with 2 new pages.
There also is a new catalog at Sparky's Starjets. It has 3 new pages.
What is your favorite costume?
-Agent S


Secret Agent Party has begun

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Hey agents, SHU is back up with a new party. Here is the badge.
Most of the outside room on the home world have been destroyed. There are also two new pages in the clothes catalog with new secret agent gear.
Watch out for the nauts!
-Agent S 


Waddle On Episode 4 Out now

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Hey penguins, waddle on episode 4 is now on YouTube. Here it is.
What do you think?


Mission Part 2: Infiltrate the Death Star and steal the Secret Plans

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Hey rebels, you can now travel to the Death star.
When you get there princes Candace will speak to you.
Enter the door which has the TO:SHIP PLANS sign on top of it.
Click on the red machine(arcade machine) to play the mini game.
The game is very slimier to the mini game during Operation:Blackout.
When you complete a level the item menu will appear.
After that the room will update.
After a while you will get this message when you play the game.
Once you are done you will get another message telling you to return on August 8th.
Congrats you have found Darth Herbert's Secret Plans. Return on August 8 to travel to Yavin 4.