Foxotic Closed beta extended

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Hey foxes, the official Foxotic Facebook page has announced that open beta will no longer start tomorrow but on the 30th of September.

Secret Agent Party Coming tomorrow

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Hey secret agents, the SHU homepage has updated.
Note that it is on the jungle planet so the Secret Agent Party will probably be the first party on the home world and the jungle planet.
 It will most likely come tomorrow since they updated the homepage and parties usually start on a Thursday.
Over and out.
-Agent S

Another Secret Agent Party Sneak Peek

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Hey secret agents, another classified sneak peek has been tweeted on the official SHU twitter account. Here it is.

I hope the party starts soon. It looks so high tech and cool.
Over and out.
-Agent S 


Star Wars Catalog

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Hey penguins, there is an exclusive party catalog which you can see in all party rooms.
The only room on the CP island that you can find the catalog is the dock.

More costumes will be available on August 1st

New pin

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Hey penguins, a new pin is out. You can find it at the pizza parlor on top of the piano.


Star Wars Takeover Has begun.

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Hey rebel penguins, the Star Wars Takeover has begun.
When you first log on you will see the Cinematic trailer.
You should start at the ship.
If you click on Candace you will see this
Here is the quest map
If you click on equip lightsaber Obi-Wan Sensei will speak to you.
When he is done speaking the quest map will look like this.
If you click on Tatooine you will see this.
When you get there Candace will speak to you again.
Here is the battle menu.There are 3 levels.1 for nonmembers and 2 for members.
If  you wear all of the items you will shoot a laser ball instead of a snowball. 
We will travel to the Death Star on 1 August.
Do you like the party?


Foxotic Toolbar

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Hey foxes, I decided to make a video showing the Foxotic's toolbar's features. Here is the video.

Tomorrow I will try to make a video on the map.

Secret Agent Party only a couple hours away (or a different massive update)

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Update: SHU came back for a few hours but it is down again.
Hey space heroes once again SHU is updating.

But this time i am very sure that it will be the secret agent party because @PlaySpaceHeroes tweeted this.

Are you exited? 

Star Wars Game On

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Hey penguins, recently CP uploaded a new Game On onto their YouTube channel.
It tells us what we will be able to do during the Star Wars Takeover.

Each week we will get a new task to do on different planets.
From the looks of the map cover on Tatooine each planet/place will have a map and multiple rooms.
Are you exited for the party?

New Club Penguin Parent Update

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Hey penguins, an email has been sent to your parents telling them about the Star Wars Takeover.
Here is the email.
Download My Penguin App YouTube
Follow Us: YouTube

Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored.
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New animation on Foxotic Home Page

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Hey foxes today the foxotic homepage updated. The new update removes the YouTube video and replaces it with a short animation linking you to the play page and the donate page.
 Here it is:
Credits to Alex for telling me about this update.
What do you think?


Foxotic party next week

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Hey foxes Ben told me that there will be a closed beta party next week.
We don't know much about it though but there might be a closed beta exclusive colour only available ate the party.

Foxotic is updating

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Hey foxes, i met Ben on Foxotic and he told me that there will be updates everyday for now.
Here is me hanging out with Mindy and Ben at Travel Island.

Ben also said that the first update is tonight.

A News Way Of Paying a Membership Coming Soon!

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Hi heroes,

Batman is here. Today Space Heroes tweeted us about an exciting news ways of paying a membership! More info coming soon. Here there tweets!

Could it be?! Maybe we can buy membership with your virtual SHU coins you earn!
What's do you guys it could be? Comment your thought below!

Thanks for reading,



New Igloo Catalog

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Hey penguins, a new igloo catalog is out.
Here is a catalog:
The new igloo is the Death Star Igloo and you can get it for 1000 coins. 

Club Herbert Updated Agian

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Hey penguins, Club Herbert has updated again with a box of pizzas from the pizza parlor.
If you cant read the note here it is.


TO: Death Star

4 extra large
extra cheese

Delivery Fee:
1,000,000,001 Coins



Foxotic Closed beta now on

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Hey foxes the Foxotic closed beta is on now.
Don't worry if you can't log in. They are still adding the closed beta Usernames.

New igloo music

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Hey penguins, new star wars music is available for you to play at your igloo.
Are going to be playing the new music in your igloo?


Space Heroes Updating for the Secret Agent Party

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Update: the party is still not on.Here is a tweet from SHU.
Hey space heroes, when I tried to play SHU I saw this.
And if you don't know it means the the secret agent party is just minutes away.
-Agent S


Another Secret Agent Party sneak peek

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Hey agents, I got another secret message from Space Heroes Official Twitter with a sneak peek of the agent gear we will be able to buy.

Over and out..
-Secret Agent S 

Club Penguin Down!!!!!!!!!! Updated

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Update2:Cp is back
Update: Spike Hike sent Trainman a direct message. Here it is:
URGENT MESSAGE FROM SPIKE HIKE (not a joke) he'd like you to calm down. You have nothing to be afraid of. 
Hey penguins, its official CP has been down for a couple of hours and many rumors have already been going around that CP has been hacked, Spike Hike even followed two people on Twitter who said they know something about it.
The only working page on CP is the blog which can be found here
Do you think CP will even be back before this weeks updates?
Meanwhile all you CP fans out there can play Space Heroes Universe.


New starjets Coming soon

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Hey agents, I have an incoming messgae from the official twitter account for SHU. They tweeted a sneak peek of an unreleased starjet.
Are you exited? I am!


Super Secret (spies only) message from the Mods

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Hey spies, when I was playing a game on SHU I got a message from the mods telling us that the Secret Agent Party is coming soon.
When do you think we will start seeing clues?

The haunting of the Viking opera returns to the Stage

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Hey penguins, the haunting of the viking opera has returned to the stage.
Here is the catalog.

What do you think?


School has started and recycling has ended

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Hey penguins say goodbye to another one of Club Penguin's unpopular rooms because the new school room is in the place where the Recycling Center stood.
The upper path now leads to the Dojo Courtyard and when you are there the stairs lead you back to the Mine.
When you stand in the class area you throw paper balls and when you stand in the cafeteria you throw pieces of pizza.
If you click on the left door you will go to the Stadium and if you click on the right door you will be at the mine.
Do you think it was worth loosing the Recycle Center for the school?

New Penguin style catalog

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Hey penguins, recently a new catalog both for My penguin and Club Penguin was released here are the pages that are in both.

Here are the two My Penguin exclusive pages.
What do you think? Do you think that CP should have waited for the upcoming summer music jam before releasing these summer themed items?