Star Wars Takeover Has begun.

Hey rebel penguins, the Star Wars Takeover has begun.
When you first log on you will see the Cinematic trailer.
You should start at the ship.
If you click on Candace you will see this
Here is the quest map
If you click on equip lightsaber Obi-Wan Sensei will speak to you.
When he is done speaking the quest map will look like this.
If you click on Tatooine you will see this.
When you get there Candace will speak to you again.
Here is the battle menu.There are 3 levels.1 for nonmembers and 2 for members.
If  you wear all of the items you will shoot a laser ball instead of a snowball. 
We will travel to the Death Star on 1 August.
Do you like the party?

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