Here I will tell you all the bugs on space heroes

1. Mirror bugs

A. Kritter Bug: Super heroes' pets masks don't appear in the mirror.
B.New foods don't appear in mirrors. 

C. Sometimes if a hero stands next to a mirror just before logging off, when they log off they will still be in the mirror. 

2. Starjets Bug:

 Some girls' starjets don't have the heart button at the back.

3 Money bugs

After I played a game of molecule mayhem the game said that i got around 760 coins but when i exited the game it only added 76 coins I got the rest when i blasted an object and a few coins came out.

4.Kritter Bed Bugs

Some times when you place a kritter on a bed it will use it's flying and under water equipment.

5.Item Bug Extreme.

Yo space heroes I logged in FOUR times in a row and each time I had no items

6.Fairs Wheel Sitting Bug

Sometimes when you sit on a chair on the wheel you will go flying through the wheel but you will still be sitting look (at the end you will either be sitting on another chair or the floor)

7.Bubble Blaster Park Bug

Some time when a game starts at the park some heroes don't have hearts underneath them I thought that was the only bug but then me and my friend were blasted 10 times but we did not die and reappear so we had HUGE advantage.

8. Invisible Hero Bug

Some times when you are at a heroes pad you will go invisible (only to yourself other heroes usally can still see you)

9.Standing on air

Some times you can land on the air usually only works in the air above Plaza  

10.Some Badges Removed From Journal After Updated 

After SHU updated the design of the journal a few badges were removed
  • The badge for blasting the bubble bunny was remove (making it only available at last year's party)

  • The Super hero badge was removed (which you got by getting the purple jacket)
If you find any bugs please comment below
-The Team

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