A Few Weird Glitches

Hey penguins recently I found a few odd glitches on club penguin
1. PH player card bug                                                                                                             When I tried to open PH's player card this happens 
And PH is brown not Aqua

2.Invisible Penguin Bug
When I was busy destroying the Town this happened. I could not do any thing besides teleporting.

3. Outside an Igloo Bug
I was busy feeding my puffles and then I realized I was not in my igloo instead I was outside it.
I could still walk around but only outside. Look

4.White hoodie Bug
To get the white hoodie you are supposed to collect 100 000 crystals or by hitting the giant rock in space but when you unlock it the message says you only collected 100 coins.

Have you found any more bugs? Comment Bellow!!

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