My Monsters University Review (Contains Spoilers)

Hey penguins, monsters, penguins or what ever creatures you are I have decided to make a review for Monsters University, Here are the things I liked most:

The cameos of Monsters Inc.

Even though most of the movie (besides the end) takes place before Mike and Sully are hired at Monsters Inc. it makes two appearances (before they are hired). 
The first appearance was at the beginning when young Mike's class goes to Monsters Inc. for a field trip to learn how scarers work but Mike decides to have a closer look by following Frank into a child's bedroom. While he is in there the door is opened by the child's parents so he hides. After they leave Frank admits that he never realized that Mike came with him and gives Mike his MU cap.
The second appearance was when Team OK needed some encouragement so Mike took them on a surprise trip to Monsters Inc. to watch the scarers full their scare meters. They start to feel better about themselves when they see other monsters are like them.
There is also a third appearance after Mike and Sully get hired. They aren't first hired as scarers but postmen, janitors, kitchen assistants and then scarers.

Other characters besides Mike an Sully from Monsters Inc. appear in Monsters University

Some characters from Monsters Inc. have cameo appearances like Roz, Yeti and Randall (who makes the longest appearance) Randall is very similar except that he is friends with Mike at the beginning but then joins ROR and becomes his enemy.

Team OK was not always winning 

Despite winning the Scare Games in the end team OK barely made it through the first round. They only made it through since team JOX cheated. They just made it through the second round coming last place that you could to make it to the third round. Then they were humiliated by Team ROR and went to Monsters Inc. (the second appearance) to get their confidence back.   In the third round they start to get more luck since they came second with ROR in first place.The same thing happens in the forth round but Team OK wins the final round making them the winners of the Scare Games but since they were found cheating they never really won. (well I didn't really particularly like the last part more than the rest of the movie)

Credits to Pixar Wiki for some of the info I forgot.

I really liked Monsters University.I think it is a good movie for most ages. Its nice that Pixar brought back an old classic without just making it a copy of the other movie with a few changes.

What do you think? Should I do reviews for other movies?

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