My Penguin Version 1.1

Hey penguins club penguin recently released My penguin 1.1 on the App Store. Here is the App Store description.
When it is done updating you will have to log in.
Note: Some people will have to play Card-Jitsu Snow to unlock other games or close and restart My Penguin a few times. When you first tap on Card-Jitsu Snow Sensei will give you the card-Jitsu introduction it is very similar to the one you get the first time you go to the Dojo Courtyard.
This is what you will see if you have the gem and are a member.
This is what the buy power section looks like. You can't see this if you are a non member. (It costs the same as it would online)
This is the power card section. 

This is the Card-Jitsu Saga Page note: you need to unlock a video like online before you can view it.
The video plays with the iPads built in player.
And this is your progress page.
This is what you will see if you tap on Join a Battle.
This is when it's loading
Here is the Round 1 message
Most of the game is the same.
Also there are updates to Pufflescape and Puffle rescue.
The pause menu has also been updated (probably to fix the extra coins bug)



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  2. i meant jubileekid! I left boring space heroes


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