Medieval Party Cheats-Vanishing

Hey wizard penguins, there is a new potion ready for us to make. You don't need to collect the items again (but if you haven't collected them yet you can find my tutorial here).
Same as before you need to play a mini game to get 5 potions and if you do then in the wrong order you will be turned into a puffle chicken.
This is what you look like after drinking the potion.
You can combined potions to make an Ogre Sized Invisible Penguin or an Invisible puffle (ogre sized).
To do this you need to drink an Ogre Sized potion and then drink the Potion  of Vanishing.
To do this you need to drink a potion that turns you into a kind of puffle and (drink an ogre sized potion then) drink the potion of Vanishing.

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