Medieval Party Cheats-White Puffle Unicorn

Hey penguins, the Medieval Party has begun. You will log on in the school.
Click on Gary to get the book of potions.
You can find the book at the top of the screen. Now to make a potion.
The first step to making a potion is finding the ingredients luckily there is a map to guide us. Open the potion book and you should see this.
You can get the magic berries at the dock by clicking on them.

The fairy dust is at the Snow Forts.
The Ogre Snot is at the Plaza.
 The horse shoe is at the Stadium.
And the Dragon Scales can be found at the Forest.
The second step is to go to the second page in the potion book and click an 'Create Potion'.
This will start a mini game in which you need to get the ingredients into the pot. If you make a mistake you will have to start again but you will also be turned into a Puffle Chicken.
   When you complete the mini game (without any mistakes) you will get 5 potions that turn you into a White Puffle Unicorn.

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