Card-Jitsu Snow Party Cheats

Hey penguins the card-jitsu party 2013 has begun.
When you log on you will get a message from Sensei 
You can collect the snow headband and the snow training Plates
If you click Go There! you will be at the dojo courtyard.

Even though you get the snow booster pack you don't get any more cards.
The Martail arts catalog has updated with power card to buy.
There is also a exclusive party catalog found at all decorated rooms.
The Ski Hill to the ski lodge is Snow themed.
The Beach to Snow Forts(partly) is Fire themed.
And the Plaza to cove is water themed.
All three Elements connect at the elements room.
If you stand on the fire area you throw hot sauce bottles, if you stand on the water area you will throw water balloons and if you stand in the snow area you throw giant snow balls.

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