My Penguin Cheats

Hey penguins a few days ago club penguin released my penguin for IPad. Here's it in the App Store.

It is a free app and only 100 Mb. You should see a club penguin sign when you first open the app.
Then you will be asked to allow notifications.
This is what it looks like in settings.
Any way lets get back to the tutorial. Then Tap on "Tap to Log in"
Then you either log in or create a new penguin.
This is what the Create a new penguin page looks like. ( you can now create an Arctic white penguin)
Once you have logged in this will happen telling you to play sushi drop
To start playing click n the sushi tray. Then drag the sushi some where else. ( it's similar to throwing a snow ball or throwing pizza during Operation: Hot sauce)
Then you must touch the screen to create bubble to guide the piece of sushi to the clams at the bottom of the sea. ( you can earn bonus coins by feeding a lower clam and bumping into a fish.
Some times you can get items as well as coins.
This will come up if you try to play without any sushi.
You can earn sushi buy checking the blog, by looking at videos or by playing other games.

Here is the player card the buttons on the side are 1.All 2.Head Items 3.Face Items 4.Neck Items 5.Body items 6.Feet Items 7.Hand Items 8.Backgrounds 9.Pins 10. Colours
The catalog
There is also a catalog exclusive to My Penguin. You can find it from the main screen and the player card.
The first two pages are all backgrounds from the Puffle and Hollywood parties. (For all players)
The third and forth pages are Colours. (for all penguins)
The fifth and sixth page is all old items (members only) (non members can't see any members only pages)
The seventh and eighth page is also old items (members only)
The ninth page is an old Penguins at work an the tenth is eyelashes. (Members only)
The eleventh and twelfth pages are in every months online catalog. (For all players) (The fifth and sixth page for non members)  
The thirteenth and fourteenth pages have items Exclusive to My Penguin. (Members only)
The fifteen and sixteenth pages also have items Exclusive to My Penguin. The them for this page it beach wear. (Members only) 
Pages seventeen and eighteen are the only pages for non members which has items exclusive to My Penguin. (Pages seven and eight for non members)
Page nineteen and twenty are member only exclusives to My penguin. 
Pages twenty-one and twenty-two are another two page with my penguin exclusives for members only 
Pages twenty three and twenty four are member only exclusives.
Pages twenty-five to twenty-nine are flag pins (for all players) (pages nine to thirteen for non members.
The last page shows a penguin jumping.
If you already own an item you should get something like this.
And if you don't have an item you should get this.
This is what the buddie list looks like on my penguin. When it's loading.
This is a friend request.
With the list you should be able to throw snow balls at other penguns.
This is what happens when. Some one throws a snow ball at you will you're on the My penguin App. You can throw back a snow ball if you tap yourself.
This is what you will see if you are hit by more than one penguin.
This is what happens if your hit while being online club penguin.if you click the snow ball you can throw a snow ball back. (While online you can be hit by multiple penguins at a time)

Ice Fishing
Here are the instructions
The game is very similar to the online version except you only have to collect 60 fish and you can't catch the mullet.
Once you have completed a game you should earn a sushi for sushi drop.
Puffle Rescue
It is very similar to web version except that non members can play the cave levels and the water levels are not available yet.
Here are the instructions.
Here is the first ice level
Here is the first cave level
Puffle Roundup
It is exactly the same as the web version except it can be easier to play because you have to tap to move th puffles but on the web version where ever you move your mouse the puffles will stay away from.
Here are the instructions 
Level 1
Level complete 
 It's the only game that will keep your progress. So far there are  16 normal levels and 16 time levels.
Here are the instructions
Here is the first level
Here's the pause menu
Once you complete a level you will be shown your results.


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