My Penguin Sushi Secret Reveal

Hey penguins a while a go on Twitter Spike Hike asked us what we think the Sushi in the sneak peeks of the My Penguin is for. The secret has been reveled by Spike Hike on the official blog.
By Spike Hike on May 3, 2013 - 15:08 | Comments
Since the announcement of My Penguin, many of you have commented on something unusual in the screenshot. What is this plate of sushi for?!!

Is it to feed your Penguin? Or your Puffle? Or something else entirely?

Well the secret is finally out!! Sushi Drop is a brand new game that is exclusive to My Penguin. When you use the app by reading the blog, watching a video, or playing a game, you get rewarded with sushi. The more you use My Penguin, the more sushi you can collect.  Each piece of sushi gives you a turn in Sushi Drop. You can drop your sushi and nudge it by tapping to make bubbles in the water.

If you hit a fish on the way down, you earn coins. On the water's bottom, there are clams hungry to eat your sushi. (Wait, do clams eat sushi??!!) The bigger the clam, the bigger your reward.

You can earn coins and even items by playing, and the items you can win can are only available in Sushi Drop!! It's quick, fun, and a great way to earn rewards that you can use in Club Penguin!!

We can't wait for My Penguin to come out next week - May 9th - for iPad!! I know many of you are on iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android and we hope to get there one day soon.  We have lots of surprises for mobile this year in store and this is only the beginning!!!

Until next time....Waddle on!!
- The Club Penguin Team

I'm so exited!
Remember My Penguin Comes to the Ipad App Store on May 9th.

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